Kongter’s Application in Power Utility

Kongter’s Application in Power Utility

Kongter is supplying a whole line of test equipments and monitoring systems for preventative maintenance in power utility.  To ensure that your backup system will work exactly as expected during power outage, Kongter supplies full line of battery test and battery monitoring system. All battery test equipments are compliant with IEEE latest standards for battery maintenance.

To get rid of unwanted DC earth fault, we have different options of earth fault detector for fast detection of DC earth fault. Our insulation monitoring system can also effectively prevent insulation fault from happening. Kongter also offer the whole line of AC load bank (resistive or reactive) with customer tailored models.

Kongter test measurement equipment. Kongter.com
Ground Fault Locator
Kongter customized battery load bank with wireless monitor
Customized Battery Load Bank
BT-301 Battery Condition Analyzer for fast and accurate test of battery internal resistance/conductance
Battery Quick Tester

Without injecting any signal to tested circuit, our series ground fault locators are safe and fast to detect virtual ground faults on DC systems where electrical cables have breakage with current lost to ground. They save you from long time troubleshooting and help to increase stability of electrical equipment. >>>View More

It consists of various customized load banks to meet users’ need precisely. For utility, we have 110V (125V) and 220V (240V) load bank models with high discharge current. All load units are powerful with standard discharge function and other functions including parallel load, assistant discharge, charge monitor, etc. >>>View More

Kongter offers BT-301 handheld tester for quick measurement of battery resistance (or conductance) for users in different countries. It measures battery voltage, resistance (or conductance) and judge battery capacity in seconds. Also, it could be used to tests batteries under float charge. >>>View More

Kongter test & measurement equipment
Meter Test System
Kongter AC load bank, customer tailored resistive load bank for generator and UPS test
K-1000 Series AC Load Bank
Kongter test measurement equipment.
Power Quality Analyzer

MTS-100 Meter Test System features state-of-art designing with high accuracy. It is composed of high accurate standard reference meter and power source. It is particularly designed for calibration and test of different single phase/3 phase electronic/inductive active and reactive energy meters. >>>View More

We offer a whole series of AC load bank with customized models for testing generator and UPS. It includes a wide range of resistive, inductive, capacitive, or resistive/reactive combined loads. It can be single phase, or 3 phase or single phase/3 phase in one unit.
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An Easy-to-use power quality tools is a “must-have” for any person who maintains or troubleshoots three phase power. Kongter’s power quality meter helps you locate, predict, prevent and troubleshoot problems in power distribution systems. It is for prevention and analyzing of the power quality problem. >>>View More