FAQ for Battery Load Bank

FAQ for Battery Load Bank

Q: What industries is the battery load bank applied for?
A: Kongter covers various industries with its wide range customer-tailored battery/DC load bank models. It includes telecom, power utility, data center, forklift battery maintenance, industries manufacturing and many others. For details, please refer to this page HERE

Q: How do I record voltage of each cell in the string effectively?
A: Kongter offers optional Data Acquisition Case (DAC) for each load bank model for recording voltage of each cell in real time. With DAC, you could also use the PC software to monitor all measurement data during battery discharge.

Q: What voltage rating does the DAC support?
A: Standard DAC is designed for measurement of 2V, 6V and 12V cells with connection of up to 12 cells each DAC. Kongter also offers customized model for recording of 1.2V, 12V only and other non-standard cell types including lithium batteries.

Q: Can I use PC software for data monitoring if there is no DAC with my load bank?
A: Yes, you can. However, you will not see voltage of each cell. And all measurement data is saved in the load bank automatically even if there is no connection with PC. You could also view the data in load bank during discharge.

Q: If I do not have DAC, what battery type can I discharge?
A: You could discharge any type of battery if there is no DAC. Just set the battery number as ZERO in the menu.

Q: Can the DAC work independently without load bank?
A: Yes, it can. And also it can work along with String DAC to make another product, the BDL-3926C Battery Data Logger.

Q: Can Kongter’s load bank work with non-Kongter load banks?
A: Yes, if you have requirement to discharge higher current than max current of non-Kongter load bank, you could use “Assistant discharge” function of Kongter load bank to increase discharge current.

Q: How do I use Kongter’s load bank to discharge at higher current?
A: Besides using another customized load model with higher current, you could also use parallel discharge of two units to increase the discharge current.

Q: I am a contracting company, can I have one single load model with wide voltage range for different industries?
A: Yes, Kongter offers load models of LB-2348 and LB-2415 with wide voltage range. If you have different requirement, you could also contact us with your requirement. Click
HERE for helpful guideline on how to select the right load bank model.

Q: In the datasheet, I see that most load bank models can discharge down to10V. Does that mean that all load banks can discharge in wide voltage ranges?
A:  All load banks can discharge as low as 10V. However, the discharge current at 10V will be pretty small for most models. If you have requirement to discharge at higher current in low voltage, you are suggested to send Kongter your detailed requirement including string nominal voltage and discharge current for each string. If you have different strings to discharge, list all of them.

Click HERE for helpful suggestions on how to select your right battery load bank models.