Battery Monitoring System

Battery Monitoring System

Kongter offers a whole line of battery monitoring system & battery mangement system which are for monitoring of all aspects of UPS batteries. It includes basic temporary battery monitor (battery data logger) and upgraded 7/24 permanent real time monitor  (battery online monitoring system).

The BMS-3923 Battery monitoring System is real time monitoring system with smart management of batteries and customers. It monitors complete data of battery including battery internal resistance, voltage, current, temperature, capacitance and thus indicates battery capacity precisely with Kongter’s big data for batteries. 

The BCD-3926C Battery Data Logger is a smart recorder for cell voltage, string voltage, current and ambient temperature. It record and transfer data to PC software in real time.

BMS-3923 is complete monitoring system for all industries battery online monitor and battery management. With simply a smart phone, you could easily access to your batteries with complte data.

Kongter offers various models of battery data logger for application in different industries including telecom, power utility, data center, forklift battery and industrial manufacturing and so on.

Kongter battery data logger for real time monitor of battery votlage, current, string votlage and temperature per IEEE measurement standards

Updated model of battery data logger with simpler wire connection and easier communication for real time data recording of cell voltage, string voltage, current and ambient temperature.